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How to apply for a position at Fresenius

Found something on our job market that catches your eye? Maybe it’s an apprenticeship. Or an internship. Or a position for the practical part of your studies. Learn how to submit your application the right way, right here. Please note that all application materials must be submitted in German. Similarly, the selection process will be conducted in German.

Your application: stand out online

There are three ways to apply to Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA or one of our business segments. As a rule, we suggest submitting an application via our online application system. It makes it easier for us to go through your information – and it saves you time and money! Simply prepare your cover letter and résumé as a PDF document, and scan in your transcripts and certificates. Filling out your application will only take about 10 to 15 minutes. And it goes without saying that you can attach your own documents to the form you complete online. Should you have questions or need to resolve a technical issue, please write to

Alternatively, we do of course accept applications via email or mail.
Please send your email application to
If you need a postal address, check here.

What happens next?

Confirmation of receipt

Once we’ve received your application, you’ll quickly receive an email that confirms that we have your documents.

Placement test for Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, Fresenius Medical Care and Fresenius Kabi

After we’ve thoroughly reviewed your application, we will invite you to the next scheduled placement test. This is held at the site to which you applied and lasts about three hours. The questions and tasks directed at you center on mathematics, German, English, general knowledge and critical thinking, but you should also be prepared for questions related to your chosen profession.


Interview/Selection Day

Once you’ve passed the placement test, you will – depending on which apprenticeship avenue you choose – be invited to an interview or an assessment center for a specific business segment. The interview lasts about a hour and the assessment center examination lasts between three and four hours. The primary purpose in both cases is to get a clearer picture of you, your talents and your qualifications. These visits are also an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about vocational training or integrated degrees.


Signing the contract

After you’ve visited us for an interview or the selection day, we’ll get back to you with our decision. If we make you an offer, and you accept it, we’ll send you a contract for an apprenticeship right away. All you have to do is fill it out and return it to us. We look forward to welcoming you on board at Fresenius!


A step-by-step timeline

What should your application include? Here’s a checklist:

  • A compelling cover letter that briefly tells us who you are and why you’d like to receive vocational training or do an internship at Fresenius. Also very important: Don’t forget to tell us which position you’re applying for.
  • A résumé formatted as a table, including your contact information, your education and information about any other training or internships you’ve had. If you like, you can also attach a photo.
  • Your two most recent school transcripts
  • Any certificates from your internships
  • Applying online means you don’t have to send us any original documents through the mail. All common formats are permitted: .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .gif.

Make your application the best it can be

Don’t worry. We know that you probably haven’t sent out many applications at this point. But now’s a good time to bring up a number of key points for you:

  • When submitting your application, ensure it’s complete. Please consult the checklist for the documents you need to include.
  • Applications that succeed are ones that show you have put thought into them – and are free of spelling and grammar mistakes. A tip: Have someone you trust – say, your parents – proofread your application.
  • Use your cover letter to showcase your talents and prove how Fresenius can benefit from them..
  • In your résumé, indicate any special skills or experiences you have, such as languages (and language courses) and time spent abroad.

The placement test: your opportunity to shine

  • See the test in a positive light. As an additional opportunity to reach for professional goals, say, rather than a barrier to success.
  • Keep in mind that questions about general knowledge and logical thinking are right alongside ones specifically about your chosen profession. Read up on your field and familiarize yourself with all aspects of it.
  • Prepare for the test by reading guidebooks and practicing with sample exercises in test training books.
  • During the test, don’t spend too much time on any one question. If you can’t answer it right away, keep going and come back to it when you have time.

The interview: Show your best side

  • Please be on time and dress for the occasion. You don’t have to be overdressed, but then again, you’re not meeting up with your friends. It’s important to feel comfortable while demonstrating to us that you take this conversation seriously.
  • Remember to relax and be yourself. We’re interested in you as a candidate and want to get to know you as a person.
  • It’s a good idea to learn what you can about Fresenius before coming in. Explore these pages, and don’t forget to visit our Company website at
  • During the conversation, make a point of discussing why you in particular are the most logical choice for a position at Fresenius.
  • Don’t hold back if you are asked questions about the area of business you want to work in. Show us what you can handle!

  • Highlight what professional goals you’d like to achieve in your life.